Glimpses into the Psychology of Yoga

13/04/2022 20:00
Afdeling : Brussels Lodge, Place des Gueux 8, 1000 Brussels
Activiteit : Study
Yoga is a subject of very wide scope with a broad base of philosophical thought and occult experience. It contains knowledge on the inner aspects of man’s life. The knowledge of Science too is of help in understanding, as is seen from the many scientific illustrations used in this book.
In the initial chapters, the yogic significance of the Shiva-stotra, Brahma-stotra and Guru-stotra are explained. The other topics dealt with are the nature of consciousness, the control of mind, desire (vâsanâ), samâdhi (not to be equated with trance), and the doctrine of the three gunas, which have become an integral part of the philosophy and psychology of Yoga.
While the author’s other work The Science of Yoga is a commentary on Patañjali’s Yoga-Sutra-s, this book is an independent and extensive exposition on other aspects of Yoga.