Follow the Homing Signal Within

22/01/2022 15:00
Afdeling : Belgische Theosofische Vereniging, Geuzenplein 8, 1000 Brussel
Activiteit : Voordracht

Many a times we are caught up in situations that we are not able to decide with our mind what is the right thing to do. And we feel utterly helpless. Why? Because our mind is a thing of the past, and instead of Wisdom it is full of memories of Past Experiences/ Prejudices & Conditionings but LIFE is EVER NEW. It brings to us every day or rather every moment new challenges and we face them with a mind that is old & so the mind finds itself utterly incapable of a Holistic Solution. It reacts instead of responding. A Holistic solution is the one which is taken whole heartedly, without any regrets and which is for welfare of all because it has its roots in the understanding of Unity of Life. But to perceive this RIGHT ACTION/HOLISTIC SOLUTION we must follow the signal (Calling) which is present in all of us. The signal that radiates from HOME, connects us to the source and thereby resolve all conflicts and contradictions in life. What is it? How to do it? Let’s come together and discuss more on 22 Jan 2022.

Wie aanwezig wil zijn op de Hoofdzetel te Brussel, vragen we vriendelijk dit even te melden via mail aan of – telefonisch kan op GSM +32 486 631 997 of +32 47 879 968

 Deze voordracht, in het Engels (er is geen vertaling voorzien) gegeven door Shikhar Agnihotri, kan ook gevolgd worden via Zoom.

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